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Welcome to Momtreal!

Hi everyone!

Im Jess. Welcome to my little corner of cyber space, Momtreal. If you’re into babies, kitties, and entertaining Dad commentary, I think you’ll feel right at home here! I started this blog as a way to keep myself busy while being perpetually nap trapped under my baby boy Léo. I’m a first time mom so all advice given should be taken with a grain of salt. Although I’m currently stumbling through this whole mom life thing pretty well so far if I do say so myself! I’ve learned that I do better on no sleep than I expected, that I’m not nearly as grossed out by baby spit up and poop as I thought I’d be, and that literally everything worries you as a mom so you have to just roll with it.
I’m looking forward to connecting with you so don’t be shy to comment, send me an email, and most importantly check us out on Instagram!
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