He’s A Lucky One

I’ve come to realize that my little guy is one lucky little bug. I worry so much if I’m doing right by him. Did I play with him enough? Did I give him enough alone time? Am I feeding him the right foods? I could go on. However, recently as I was putting him down for his nap I lingered a bit  and thought to myself, that is one lucky kid. Since he was born I have been fortunate enough to be off work, and his Dad works from home. The kid gets to see his parents everyday, and lets be honest, this is the one time in his life when that’s exactly what he wants! He’s livin’ the life this kid. Wakes up everyday beside his mama, has a little nurse and starts his day. If it’s nice we head to the park, or out for a stroll. If it’s rainy maybe we  grab a coffee and a croissant together. It’s the perfect mix of routine and randomness, and he is thriving! Marc and I work well together during the day. He is working, but on his lunch break Leo gets some Daddy time and Mama cleans up from the morning. In the evening one of us makes dinner while the other chills with Leo and we all do bedtime routine together. Leo has a bath with Daddy, then Mama dresses and diapers him while Dad does story time. Then it’s time for milkies (or boob as Leo calls it) and sleep. 

water baby momtreal

Don’t get me wrong, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. Leo still doesn’t sleep through the night and has also been fighting naps lately. He’s getting about 7 teeth at the same time and has started to have a bit of a temper. I guess my point is that even with the hard moments throughout the day, I am really going to miss all the amazing family time we have right now. My start day at work is looming, and even though we have so much planned for the summer it’s like a cloud that never really leaves. So I wrote this post almost as a reminder to myself. To slow down, to appreciate how lucky we are to have this time together, and to not waste it being clouded with worry and guilt. It’s easy to let my mind wander to that sad place where daycare lives. But I’m really trying to live in the moment. One more month of this family centered life and back to work it is. A new normal will work itself out in sure, but until then I’m going to squeeze every last drop of fun out of summer! We have some super fun (secret) things planned for the next few weeks so make sure you get the inside scoop on Instagram!

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