My “You Gotta Have This” List.

Alright guys can you guess what this blog is about? All mom blogs have one.  You read a million of them when your pregnant, and you still end up with a mountain of stuff you don’t use because the advice is so personal. That’s right it’s the obligatory “Must Have” list! To be perfectly honest though, I don’t think anything is really a must have. Maybe diapers and some clothes but other than that it’s all subjective. So with that being said I present to you my “not a must have, but I liked it so it’s worth a shot” listicle.

Baby Bath

Have you ever bathed a newborn? Why are they so slippery? That soft baby skin plus water is a scary combination. A fact that is amplified by the intense fear you will likely have while bathing your squirmy little bundle of joy for the first time. Truth, my kid didn’t have his first bath until he was 10 days old because I was so worried. Also because I was told it’s good to wait. Something about good bacteria and vaginal canals. Look it up, I’m not crazy.  Anyway, at the advice of my sister we bought the Fisher Price 4-in-1 bath and we love it! He is still in it now and absolutely loves splashing like a maniac and covering our entire floor in water. In the beginning there is a cute little sling to lay him in, and looking at pictures of him in it back then makes me so freaking nostalgic. See the evolution below:

newborn bath

infant bath

infant bathtub

Bouncy Chair and/or Swing

This one is worth a splurge in my opinion. We had both options when Leo was a mini, but we got a lot more use out of the bouncer. Too be fair I think I am in the minority with this one. Most of my friends kids loved the swing, and they could get a break while their mini slept in it! Not me, Leo sleeps on me or he’s awake. Again, at the advice of my sister (I’m just gonna stop saying that because it will likely apply to every single item on this list), we bought the Baby Bjorn bouncer. It’s a bit pricier than other options but it’s seriously the bomb. What you will come to realize is that you are often looking for a place to set your baby down. Maybe you need to make a sandwich, maybe you just need to pee. Whatever it is, these simple tasks become a big thing when you have a baby who is not trying to be put down. Enter the Baby Bjorn. The little one can watch you pee from a safe spot! What more could you ask for? Privacy maybe, but sorry, that’s not really a thing anymore.

newborn swing

newborn bouncer

Jumparoo and/or Jolly Jumper

Once again, you will need to put your baby down. If yours is anything like mine, he won’t be overly pumped about it either. Bring on the Jumparoo. Leo loves this thing. Lots of stuff to fidget with, he can hop around, which I’ve found out is super important to my child. He’s a mover and a shaker what can I say? To be fair you probably don’t need this AND the Jolly Jumper, but the Jolly Jumper is hilarious. I pretty much just bought it so I could laugh at my kid. When you’re barely sleeping everything is funny. Especially your kid. Proof below.

baby Einstein jumparoo momtreal

Baby Wrap/Carrier

Are you noticing a theme? Everything is about having somewhere to stash your little one while you try to stumble through the day on too much coffee and not enough sleep. I mean how tired do I look in the first photo below? Very. I look very tired. As I may have mentioned once or twice, I have a cuddler. He likes to be held at all times and would rather sleep on me than anywhere else. Which he still does to this day. Bring on the carrier. My saviour and sanity keeper. Baby doesn’t want to sit down and chill but you need to do laundry? Strap him in! Baby won’t sleep unless you hold him, but your arms feel like lead after days of doing just that? Strap him in! Alright, you get the point. Invest in a good wrap for your little and a good quality carrier as they get bigger. You will not regret it. Personally I started with a Beluga Baby wrap and now use a Lillébaby. Can’t say enough about either. Plus the customer service with Beluga Baby is top notch and it’s local, yay!

beluga baby wrap

Lillebaby love

lillebaby momtreal

Sound Machine

Now this one can come in many forms. I received a Skip Hop sound machine from a friend at my baby shower and it’s amazing. That being said you can definitely get the same effect with an iPhone app, or even a fan in the room facing away from your baby. Whatever it takes to drown out my clumsy husband who for some reason is always dropping something or breaking out in dance in our living room. And no that is not a joke. He is constantly practicing footwork or something at all hours of the night. Yay for  bboys who are night owls. Double yay for keeping them quiet.


Do yourself a favour and save your money on this one. We have a 20$ IKEA chair and it is perfect. It’s super easy to clean which you will soon realize is the main feature to look for in a highchair. Not much other advice, but ya get a cheap highchair.

Ikea Highchair momtreal

For real though guys, the bottom line is your baby pretty much just needs you. More than half the stuff I mentioned was either given to me or bought second hand. Don’t stress about buying a whole bunch of baby gear. Especially before you even meet the little one! Each kid is different and will need different things. My baby wants to be close 24/7 so most of my advice revolves around keeping him close, co sleeping, etc. Maybe you’ll have an independent kid who will crawl hella early and you’ll need a baby jail right away, who knows? Final piece of advice, keep it minimal and buy as you go. Ask friends before you splurge because some gadgets just aren’t worth it. And above all else, just cuddle and play with your baby. That’s all they really want at first. Oh and feed them, that’s pretty important too.



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