Momtreal? Don’t you mean Montreal? Nope.

I figure it’s only fitting that my first blog be my introduction. So hello. Welcome to Momtreal! Im Jess, a first time mom living in (surprise surprise) Montreal, Canada. I am currently enjoying my mat leave with my little Leo man, my fiancé Marc and our two fur babies, Gary and Mini.

Aside from my new Mom gig I am a huge animal/nature lover, slight cat lady, reality TV addict and a fan of all things music. Well, mostly all things hip hop, but I’m flexible. My entire family lives in PEI where I grew up. And just between you and I, where Léo was conceived, i had to ensure his island roots somehow!! I have a sister who lives in Ottawa and had a baby two days before me. His name is Théo, because why wouldn’t we have babies two days apart with rhyming names?! You might get to meet her in future guest posts since she’s a second time mom and her wisdom is infinite. But she’s not the only one!  My most bestest friend in the world also had a baby this year! We have been best friends since grade one and everyone back home definitely thinks we planned it. We did not. Neither did my sister and I.

But it sure worked out well! I can’t wait to see out littles grow up together!

In non baby facts about me, I graduated from university twice. Once with a degree in Biology and once with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. I now use the textbooks from these degrees to prop up my son in his jumparoo. I have been with my fiancé Marc for 10 years. Our meeting story is fun but I’ll save that for when we know each other a bit better… Marc is a graphic designer who works from home (how lucky am I?). He also has his side hustle as a DJ on the weekends for both local and international dance events. Before I go any further I will just point out that, yes he is way cooler than me. He’s a bboy, a music producer, a DJ, a dope home chef and so many other things, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I like him. He makes my life more interesting and you’ll get to see lots of him in the future 🙂

I can’t wait to start sharing my journey with you all! Be sure to stay connected with my other accounts so that you don’t miss any cute baby pictures, cat videos and any other cliché thing I can think of.


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